DesignBUILD Sectors

DesignBUILD covers the entire build and design process from landscape and outdoor right through to the interior fit-out.

In 2017 we return to Sydney with a easy to navigate show floor, which reflects a more curated atmosphere to enhance the impact of our exhibitor products and provide a more fluid flow for visitors.

Each sector is strategically aligned with industry partners to ensure we deliver compelling content for our core visitor groups and continue to showcase the best each sector of the industry has to offer.

DesignBUILD Sectors at a glance

Landscape & Outdoor

Australians share a strong bond with our outdoor spaces and both urban and rural landscapes so it comes as no surprise that there is increasing interest and innovation in how we design and build our outdoor spaces. With this in mind, DesignBUILD created a dedicated Landscape Zone in 2015, this sector has grown in both size and importance in line with DesignBUILD’s goal of being a true reflection of the entire design and build process.

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Structural & Materials

For over 30 years DesignBUILD has been a commercial platform for the business of building and construction so it’s no surprise that the Structural and Materials is our largest show sector right at the heart of our event. And it’s still growing. Increasing visitor demand for product innovations such as the latest in pre-fabricating structures, new material technologies and compliant products is driving growth in this sector resulting in a show floor that is 40% larger than 2015 and 69% larger than our last Sydney event.

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Interior Fixtures & Finishes

Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses, so it’s no surprise that these two areas have seen significant growth at DesignBUILD over the past few years, almost doubling in size since 2016. Along with decorative finishes, coatings and surfaces, this sector is dedicated to showcasing the latest in products that champion good design from the outside in.

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Smart Building Technology

The benefits of building ‘smart’ in delivering buildings and infrastructure has become a focal point for the industry. Not only do advances in building technology enhance construction quality and delivery times, it has the potential to drastically minimise costs. This is reflected in our dedicated building and technology sector, which in 2017 is 57% larger than previous years. From the latest in BIM technology to access control and smart building products – this is sector continues to drive innovation from the showfloor out.

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