DesignBUILD RAW returns to Melbourne in 2018 with partner universities, Deakin and RMIT ready to showcase the skills and creative collaborations of the next generation.

Collaborating with the next generation

After successfully launching last year in Melbourne in 2015, DesignBUILD RAW debuts this year in Sydney with new partner universities and a new generation of future industry stars! DesignBUILD RAW is a collaborative project between leading architecture and design universities and DesignBUILD to showcase the talent of budding industry professionals directly in front of the industry’s best!

This year DesignBUILD teams up with the University of Sydney, University of NSW (UNSW) and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to present DesignBUILD RAW. More than a mere assignment, DesignBUILD RAW sees students’ projects come alive on the show floor, with the selected entries being constructed and featured onsite.


What is it?

As part of their 2017 curriculum, University of Sydney, UNSW and UTS Architecture and Interior and Spatial Design students will compete to have their visions for the DesignBUILD’s two seminar theatres, Incubator installation and central bar showcases built onsite.

Replicating a real life client brief situation, students must present tenders within a specified budget, incorporating sustainable design elements and adhering to the overarching themes of DesignBUILD.

Once all tenders have been received the winner of each category will have their design built as part of DesignBUILD 2017 and form one of the key features of the event.

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