28-30 Apr 2020
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Transformative Technologies

DesignBUILD Incubator celebrates champions of innovation in the built environment; offering emerging businesses the opportunity to showcase their new, cutting-edge products and ideas directly to the industry.


  • Concept Name
  • Images
  • A 200 word description of your product/concept including its benefits to the built environment’s professional community

Submit your application no later than WEDNESDAY 20th MARCH 2019. All entries will be judged by a panel of industry experts to select the winning line up. For further information contact the DesignBUILD Team, on (02) 9275 4500 or enter your submission via email at designbuild@divcom.net.au.

Take a look below to see our 2018 winners.


FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline

SafetyLink’s FrogLine horizontal lifeline systems make traversing along a roof safely simple and easy, eliminating the need to disconnect from the line, the intermediate and corners are designed so shuttles can glide freely. With a low profile design, the system combines effortless energy absorbing capabilities into every intermediate, end and corner anchor.

Mechanical Chemical Modified Timber

Mechanical Chemical Modified Timber (Eco Wood) from Blue Sky Windows uses a revolutionary new processing method that provides structural strength of timber modified to the strength of steel. Eco Wood features a combination of mechanical and chemical treatment which allows it to control all qualities of the timber including colour, strength, fire and termite resistance.

Porous Pave and Porous Grate

Porous Pave provides a solution for water runoff, drainage, and improving water quality. This product enables developments to be undertaken in a sustainable manner by facilitating the most preferable destination for surface runoff which can keep soil cooler as well as allowing urban storm water to be treated and harvested for re-use.

Radiation Free Healthier Buildings

‘Radiation Protection’ – evidence-based technology to protect against modern environmental health burdens (electrosmog/EMF) and natural environmental influences that affect the regenerative capabilities of our bodies. GEOVITAL have developed active radiation protection technology and materials can be integrated into a building during construction to save a reactive upgrade (and additional labour) at a later stage.

ROPA 2 Part Window System

ROPA is a pre-fabricated, easy to install, two-part interlocking window system. It incorporates a patented ‘Enviro-seal’ which secures against the frame upon installation, isolating against drafts, dust and noise. With ROPA, reveals do not protrude beyond the internal frame, making running a straight edge quick and simple. This means carpenters can achieve a straight wall every time, while saving time and money.


To serve the industry’s aspiring requirements for architecturally impressive larger doors, TraXtar™ from Anthony Innovations is a window and door roller that allows greater freedom to build large doors that create a seamless transition between the outdoor and indoor environments. It reduces rolling resistance & operates smoothly & quietly providing the ultimate performance.

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