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Eliminating power wastage from heating water

Apr 17, 2018 Sustainability

Eliminating the hot water lag time that plagues many kitchens and bathrooms has been a life-changing experience for retired engineer Auke Bruinsma and his wife Leola, who were previous wasting 5-7L of water each time they waited for the hot water to get through the pipes to their kitchen tap.

“Domestic and commercial building owners throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific typically waste a lot of time, water and energy when turning on the hot tap and waiting for hot water to arrive from remotely located big tanks, which can be five or more metres away. This is wasteful of energy and water – not to mention frustrating when users must wait ages to serve up water needed for regular daily tasks such as washing and cooking,” said Aus J Managing Director Mr Jay King.

Aus J are an Australian importer specialises in compact hot water heaters, accessories and fittings exhibiting at DesignBUILD 2018 in Melbourne from May 2-4, to show environmentally-conscious users like Auke and Leola how near-instant hot water can save time, energy, water and frustration.

Instant hot water at only 4 amps

Being an engineer by trade and an enthusiastic camper, Mr Bruinsma did extensive research before he decided on a 10L Aqueous hot water system from Aus J.

“We were looking for something compact that was also energy efficient,” said Mr Bruinsma. “There are a lot of electric heaters out there that give you instant hot water, but they mostly draw around 15 amps. The Aqueous gives you the same result and draws only 4 amps.”

“You can have water hotter than you’ll ever need within one second! We even had to turn the temperature down to 50 degrees, or it was too hot to touch,” he said.

Mr Bruinsma has an instant gas hot water service at his home, but his kitchen tap is located furthest away from this service, so not only did turning on the hot water take time and waste water, it also cooled in the pipes on the journey from service to tap.

“The Aqueous was the perfect solution. It keeps 10L right next to the tap and plugs into a standard household power point. It was easy to install and the results were noticeable right away. We estimate we’re saving 20 to 30 litres of water every day,” he said.

“And my wife loves it too. She always felt bad seeing perfectly drinkable water going down the drain while waiting for it to heat up. Now we get instant hot water, and the solution was so simple.”

Aus J Director Mr Jay King says hot water can account for a third of average household energy consumption, with each of us using about 50 litres a day.

“Auke’s home is a perfect example of the savings you can make in both water and energy using these rugged and compact heaters. It just doesn’t make sense to be sending hot water through so many pipes where it takes time and cools down along the way,” says Mr King.

Finalist in Australia’s 2017 Sustainability Awards

The Australian-designed 10L Aqueous MK2 – a finalist in Australia’s 2017 Sustainability Awards – reduces wastage of both water and energy by having the heater located under the sink, close to the point of use. The Aqueous MK2 comes with WaterMark accreditation, which means that it passed extensive tests and requirements regarding its suitability for safely supplying water for human consumption. It was also chosen from among more than 130 entries to be a Finalist in the most recent Sustainability Awards, in the Innovation and Application Category.

Features of the Aqueous MK2 water heater include:

– Durable outer case with service and inspection points
– SPCC (high commercial quality) steel and enamel tanks
– Single weld line for extended life. Single line welding offers optimum protection for pressure vessels
– Inlet/outlet tubes welding inside and out for durability, as well as both being enameled
– Polyurethane insulation for high-efficiency heat retention
– Thermal cutout and run-dry protection for safety
– Combination pressure relief valve and non-return valve
– Incoloy 840 heating element for rapid heating and energy efficiency
– Floor or wall-mounted operation
– Suitable for under-sink use, as well as caravan, recreational vehicle, horse float, food vans and similar

The new Aqueous MK2 builds on the success of the previous model, and now comes with floor or wall mounting for added installation convenience.

You can see Mr Jay King and the team from Aus J at DesignBUILD 2018 on stand K32. Register for free admission to access leading suppliers servicing the entire build process.

About the Author: Aus J

Aus J (www.ausj.com.au) offers a range of innovative gas and electric water heaters with models for domestic, commercial and recreational applications, including a 12v/240v 10-litre Duoetto water heater for recreational vehicles that delivers enough capacity and temperature range for people to enjoy civilised home comforts wherever they are on the road or the water.

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