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Eliminating the need for blinds with thermochromic technology

Apr 13, 2018 Sustainability

A cutting-edge glass technology which is starting to pick up momentum in Australia is that of SolarAdapt® Solar Responsive Thermochromic glass (SRT).

SolarAdapt SRT is essentially is a type of dynamic glass with a thermochromic PVB interlayer which alters the visible light transmission properties based on the amount of direct sunlight hitting the external surface.

That is, it self-tints as necessary to block excessive heat from entering a building when the sun is most intense and returns to its natural state in the absence of direct sun light. Unlike permanent tints, SRT actually has positive effects on the amount of natural light flowing through a building. Meaning there is no need for blinds, overhangs either.

The PVB interlayer combines perfectly with low-emissivity glass coatings in an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) to deliver unprecedented window performance figures – Solar Heat Gain, U-Value and light transmission – and is set to be a game changer in glass as a facade material and its positive contribution to the energy performance of a building.

SolarAdapt’s adaptability has the potential to yield a 20-43% annual energy bill savings, with a 15% reduction in air-conditioning loads at peak demand times. Not to mention the improvements in productivity, health and comfort attributed to being able to block the negative aspects of the sun without compromising visibility and natural light.

While low-e glass has become norm with rapid advancements in this space, what isn’t as well understood is how much better a low-e IGU performs when combined with SRT technology. But with increased legislation and demand for energy efficiency, SRT glass is already leaps and bounds ahead.

Glassworks have produced a whitepaper: The underestimated benefits of teaming low-e and thermochromic glass technology that lays out exactly how SRT technology works in a low-e IGU, and delves into the cost and health benefits of specifying it – which extend beyond the obvious energy performance.

Download the whitepaper here: The underestimated benefits of teaming low-e and thermochromic glass technology

Glassworks will be offering a live demonstration of SolarAdapt SRT at DesignBUILD – 2 and 3 May at 11am. Stand C28. Come see it in action!


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