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Discover practical applications to help you build your business, communicate with your onsite team and complete your next project. DesignBUILD’s Education Theatre offers a program of sessions covering policy updates and contract mandatories as well as the latest in new materials on the market.

Plus, in 2018 the Education Theatre was constructed by students from RMIT as part of DesignBUILD RAW; supporting the next generation of industry stars.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Optimal delivery of building information modelling (BIM) can produce outcomes that eliminate waste, maximise end user benefits and increase the productivity of the Australasian economies. The challenge for the industry is having a consistent and co-ordinated approach to how BIM is used. In this session, the new industry body, Australasian BIM Advisory Board - a whole-of-industry partnership including the construction industry, government and academia - outlines the next steps for BIM in Australia.

Through the lens of three case study projects - The Koorie Heritage Trust, New Academic Street RMIT, and The Springvale Community Library; Adam Pustola & Samuel Hunter will give an insight into how a range of cross disciplinary conversations fuel an ever-evolving creative process. From indigenous design bodies to masters of architecture students, from key community groups to expert consultants, Lyons' are committed to an architecture that is engaged with the cultural landscape of its context.

Lyons designs projects which are responsive to and expressive of a contemporary experience of local and global culture - a world of ideas, new media, technologies and rapidly changing urbanism. Lyons work is committed to and interested in the history and culture of ideas and how ideas can be used to create meaningful contemporary architecture.

With over 15 years of experience working with leading property, architecture and design brands, Genevieve Brannigan shares her insights into how to work effectively within the new communications landscape to achieve strong exposure for your brand. Learn how to drive growth, engage with stakeholders and connect your business to new audiences.

Capturing workers’ attention and ensuring knowledge retention can be a challenge. This is most especially true for industries where literacy and language barrier difficulties are often present, such as in the construction industry, which not only experiences one of the most rapidly changing working environments but is also one of the most dangerous in the world.

Let us explore better ways to engagingly communicate critical information to workers, improve knowledge retention and consider redesigning building work processes to maximise industry capability and efficiency.

Thursday 3rd May 2018

Prefabrication changes age-old processes for building and construction, and there is some resistance to off-site manufacturing. But are the opportunities it provides bigger than the threats? And how can design make the most of pre-fab?

Architecture and Iinterior Design firms in Australia have been implementing BIM for the past 15 years or more. Many are able to differentiate themselves by being on the cusp of the technology and developing their processes to enhance their brand. How do you continue to innovate with BIM when it is normal practice for the industry? What should you consider and why is it important to keep innovating with BIM.

Building regulations are so complex, difficult and confusing that designers are making mistakes or omissions, which leads to problems in construction and certification. This expert panel discusses the issues, and possible solutions.

Here we discuss how to select safe construction products that also deliver the sustainability outcomes you need - and why getting it right it is so important. Understand and verify product labelling, for both compliance and sustainability claims.

The diversity of BIM implementation across the Built Environment varies as we all aim to establish a point of difference within our market. Design efficiencies, construction efficiencies and client experiences become the guides to how we assess our implementation success. Here we discuss the effectiveness and if applicable, failure, to implementing for BIM construction.

Friday 4th May 2018

In the construction industry, project success depends on controlling a huge range of unpredictable factors, often under extreme time and cost pressures. Some of the stress points, where mistakes are most likely to occur, are predictable. Through case studies of litigated disputes, Risk Manager Wendy Poulton will draw on her experience as an insurance and litigation solicitor to focus on some common weak points in the design process that lead to avoidable failures:
- Briefing (identifying the client’s needs, priorities and work systems so that the design meets its purpose)
- Product selection (avoiding non-conforming products and obtaining appropriate evidence of compliance)
- Construction oversight (observations to monitor the general quality and conformance of the building work).
Take away ideas for achieving better project outcomes through improvements in these areas.

A good, fair, well understood contract is crucial for a successful project. In this session, find out the top ten things you NEED in a building contract.

Intellectual property lies at the heart of design of buildings, spaces and interior objects. This session discusses current IP issues facing the architecture, building, construction and design industries, as well as recent case studies. Learn how to protect this critical asset and to avoid infringing upon the IP rights of others.

This course offers the opportunity to discover how to integrate home technologies for now and the future. It will show you what is possible, describe some alternatives and explain how to incorporate the various systems without detracting from your design and plans. You'll have a good grasp of modern best practice for low-voltage systems in the home and feel more confident specifying these systems. Most importantly you'll know who to ask if you need help in a particular area. This CPD will explore the advantages of working with a professional integrator and explore the solutions available.

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