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Build your expert knowledge, get up to date on architectural trends and ensure your business is compliant with a program of carefully curated panel discussions and keynote presentations in the Seminar Theatre, presented by Wattyl.

Plus, in 2018 the Seminar Theatre was constructed by students from RMIT as part of DesignBUILD RAW; supporting the next generation of industry stars.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Major disruptive influences have changed how building work is designed and delivered with our current building control system struggling to cope as evidenced by recent building failures and fires. Where do we go from here? How do we create a robust and effective building regulatory framework for the 21st century?

Science-based carbon emission targets are aligned with the Paris agreement to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius. This session will explore responses and challenges for the Australian property sector leading the implementation of science-based targets through aligning Green Star and corporate carbon and renewable energy strategies with international science-based targets.

This panel of guests questions the number of junior planners, particularly at the local government level, making design decisions - sometimes beyond their experience and knowledge. I often hear from award-winning architects that their proposals are ‘stuck in planning’.

In an increasingly hyper connected world, the era of digitalisation is here. This panel will take a glimpse into the digital story so far; specifically around the application of reality technologies, product sourcing and project delivery. We also ask the audience to join the conversation as we look into the impacts of digitalisation and the challenges it brings in attempt to speculate where it will lead the industry in the future.

Thursday 3rd May 2018

Until recently the proliferation of dodgy building products and sub-standard building practices has been mostly tolerated or ignored within the industry. But the Lacrosse and Grenfell apartment fires have changed all that. Product conformity is now a major target for building regulators. How will new National Construction Code and state building regulation changes impact on design and construction practices?

Apartments have become ‘cookie-cutter’ as developers and often architects try and squeeze as many units on the one site. Surely there can be more innovative solutions in delivering multi-unit developments. I recently saw an innovative scheme in Brussels by Bob 361 Architects. Each abode was completely different.

Driven by both ever-increasing cost pressures and the demand for buildings with improved environmental performance, many Australian innovators are producing the next wave of building solutions. This session will profile the latest activity globally on building innovation and showcase some of Australia’s leading building technologies.

Friday 4th May 2018

The WELL Building Standard looks set to transform the way the property industry delivers occupant health and wellbeing, as much as Green Star and NABERS have transformed energy, carbon and the environmental performance of the Australian building stock. This session will explore the benefits and complementary role the WELL standard provide for the Australian property industry. The challenges and opportunities of taking an occupant centric view to design, construction and operations of buildings.

Build to rent is frequently seen as an answer to housing affordability, the provision of social housing and as a better option for renters. Despite this, it is a sector that barely exists in Australia. What is the future of build to rent in Australia and can it provide answers to the many problems we face with housing in Australia?

Has the word ‘resale’ made architecture move towards the conservative side, with very few people prepared to try something new? In the 1950s, there was a heroic new world of modernism that freed many home- owners from their conservative English-style homes. Given less than architects design 5 per cent of homes, is there a bright horizon for more challenging architect-designed homes?

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