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VIDEO: Community Designs Presents City of Hobart

May 25, 2017 Landscape & Urban

How wide is your footpath? The City of Hobart is certainly on the front foot as they look to revitalise dead spots within the city.

It may seem obvious but footpaths can have a massive impact on the communities they serve, from allowing hospitality to spread into the street, to enticing people to ‘linger longer’ in front of shop fronts and to enjoy the Hobart’s architectural street scape, with its heritage houses.

In this episode, Monique and the team head to Hobart to take in the sights and sounds of the City of Hobart as it embarks on a project to revitalise this iconic city, speaking to Sarah Bendeich – Landscape Architect, City of Hobart, Danny Veis – local café owner, Mark Painter – Director of City Infrastructure and Steven Burgess.

About the Author: Community Designs

Community Designs is a weekly C31 program focusing on spaces and places created for specific purposes within our local councils and municipalities. With interviews with the architects, designers and community stakeholders behind the projects. C31 is Victoria’s not-for-profit community television service providing locally-based entertainment, education and information. Transmitted from Mount Dandenong, C31 provides access and representation to the many diverse communities within Victoria giving voices and raising issues which are not present in mainstream television.

C31 broadcast over 90 new locally-made programs every week. These programs are produced by community television volunteers and independent television makers.

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