9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Green up tomorrow’s built environment

Urban Canopee offers innovative solutions to help combat the effects of global warming in the urban environment with their lightweight green canopies.

Climate benefits

Heat island effect makes cities and their populations vulnerable to extreme climate events. Such phenomena are, unfortunately, predicted to increase in the future. The built environment must at once prepare for major challenges of the 21st century such as global warming and increased urbanization.

Installing green canopies withing our built environments benefits both combating climate control and improves building aesthetics:

  • combating heat island effects by installing cool islands where most needed,
  • re-establishing urban biodiversity by extending ecological corridors for the local Fauna and Flora in locations where it has typically not been possible,
  • the optimisation of water storage and use to maximise water resources
  • improving cities’ air quality,
  • enhancing city dwellers’ quality of life by creating more opportunity to interact with nature.

Improving our urban environments

Green canopies provide a solution for building managers, architects and decision-makers with new opportunities to green up tomorrow’s urban landscape.

  • Create more climate-resilient cities,
  • assist towards building’s and your neighborhood’s green certification programs ratings as well as urban green canopy cover targets,
  • increase building’s value through nature’s aesthetics and create an urban modern feel,
  • create aesthetically pleasing shade areas requiring minimal floor space,
  • make urban green assets management easy and predictable.

How does it work?

Urban Canopee’s expertise lies in the design, engineering, and installation of lightweight composite structures in ‘grid shell’ patterns. These structures are then used as support for climbing plants to grow and flourish. The plants’ optimal growth is assisted by a smart connected irrigation system.

Modular and autonomous, the structure allows for the perfect architectural integration to become an integral part of the city of the future. The materials used have the mechanical strength of steel, and yet are four times lighter, providing for greater longevity and are inherently electrically isolated. The connection nodes are at the code of the canopy’s innovation, allowing for the efficient assembly and site installation. A Green Funnel is fully installed and commissioned within a day without any requirement for costly cranage. This also makes for easy relocation when needed and has very little impact on their environments.

The composite material ‘grid shell’ solutions are ideal for climbing plants growth and support. Once vegetation has inhabited the structure, a green canopy can provide welcome shade for wide areas in public spaces, roofs and facades. The ‘Sensopee’ irrigation system combines humidity and temperature probes with an innovative connected IoT device providing 24/7 monitoring of climbing plants growing conditions. Irrigation happens automatically and optimally to preserve water resources.

All data, including temperatures, hygrometry, and water level in the tank, are captured and analysed, the data is available on our web platform and app. Remote, streamlined monitoring for optimal plant growth management ends up cutting overall maintenance costs down.

Find out more

Interested in finding out more about Urban Canopee’s products? Visit their website for more information on the types of canopies available and talk to a member of the team: https://www.urbancanopee.com/en/.

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