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Industry News

The interactive ‘Materials in Mind’ pod educating on sustainability

Apr 26, 2019 Sustainability

Staying true to their vision and purpose of providing solutions for sustainable consumption and production, GECA have created an interactive pod to experience and learn more about sustainability.

DesignBUILD 2019: Q+A with Pia Argiratos

Apr 24, 2019 DesignBUILD News

For over three decades, DesignBUILD has supported Australia’s architecture, building, construction and design communities, as the industry’s only trade event dedicated to showcasing the latest in design and construction product and materials.

Turning Big Data into Small Data

Turn big data into smart data with Cloud A2K and MTWO. Make smarter decisions with 5D BIM and manage enterprise solutions from one place efficiently across all devices. MTWO vertical cloud combines RIB iTWO 5D BIM technology with Microsoft Azure in an enterprise solution for developers, contractors, and owners to speed up their digital transformation journey.

NewTechWood “Coastal” Composite Decking range

NewTechWood Australia is excited to announce the global launch of its newest range of composite decking – the COASTAL range.

Vent-A-Roof: The innovative roofing solution

With over 40 years of experience, Vent-A-Roof saw the need to provide better roofing products and services. Responding to the challenge of mould and mildew issues, Vent-A-Roof created Australia’s first concealed ridge ventilation system that uses the traditional ridge designs on today’s buildings.

Going Underground

Mar 28, 2019 Architecture

Basement car parks are generally a given when apartments are built. Shared by numerous residents, these basement areas allow a resident to move easily from their cars to their front door via a lift.

House sized apartments

Mar 27, 2019 Architecture

When apartments were first introduced to Australia in the early to mid 1990s, many were pint-sized. For those looking for something larger, two small apartments were often amalgamated to form one.

Industry responses to the Shergold-Weir report

In August 2017 the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) asked Professor Peter Shergold and Bronwyn Weir to assess the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems in the Australian building and construction sector.

Reasons to use precast concrete and its advantages

Precast concrete is a high-performance construction material that provides significant benefits in terms of lifespan, durability, quality, design, construction, strength and sustainability.

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