9-11 May 2023
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Construction’s road to recovery

The fate of Australia’s building and construction industry appears to be in the balance. Will it end up in the doldrums or become the cornerstone on which Australia’s economic revival is built?

Building lockdown? Don’t waste a golden opportunity.

Jun 1, 2020 Sustainability
Lockdown has had some significant drawbacks, however one area where it offers opportunity is waste management. Edge Environment shares 6 opportunities to improve building waste ♻

Melbourne Introduces Green Building Tool

May 29, 2020 Sustainability
In a new concept for Australia, the City of Melbourne has introduced the Green Factor tool, which will aid developers in the measurement of the sustainability credentials of their design in an early phase.

Wellness and Tech: In line with design

'Wellness', 'biophilia', 'bio-centric design'; terms which are becoming frequently used when considering the design of both residential and commercial spaces. Ed Wenck, CEDIA Content Director, reports on this modern marriage of interior design and technology.


Sync is the technology to manufacture high quality, prefabricated bathrooms offsite on a subassembly line, which are simply installed and connected on arrival to site.

Product Conformity: Foundation to Improve Industry Accountability

May 7, 2020 Policy & Trends
NATSPEC have worked with various stakeholders to develop the NCPR Conformity Starter Pack. A multi-staged education package assisting both Australian and the global supply chain to meet the conformity requirements of Australian building practitioners.

Shipping containers, emergency departments of the future?

In the race to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, designers are creating innovative solutions to help hospitals around the world expand their emergency services. Annie Reid reports.

Essential materials from Jehbco Silicones

During these unprecedented times, DesignBUILD exhibitor Jehbco is providing crucial ventilator parts which will make up a supply of locally made ventilators in the state of Victoria.

5 Benefits of Green Infrastructure

Apr 29, 2020 Sustainability
Green walls, equal greener cities. As urban growth continues to escalate in Australian cities, architects and designers look to green infrastructure to boost building sustainability.

Deck Building with KlevaKlip

Discover an easier way to deck landscape with KlevaKlip's concealed fixing systems. Find out more about KlevaKlips 'Patio Deck Kit' and 'Multi Purpose Support Kit".
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