9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Industry News

Hyne Timber: Engineering solutions for the future

Materials, staff and transport shortages have meant that the local industry is struggling to keep up with the demand from the construction industry, who are crying out for engineered timber products. However, one proactive Australian business found a way forward with superior R&D, solutions based thinking and world-class engineering. DesignBuild will provide the ultimate opportunity […]

Rawlinsons wrote the book on Construction Cost Estimating

Covering all Australian states, both the Australian Construction Handbook and Construction Cost Guide are compiled annually, commencing with in depth discussions with a selected list of respected industry experts, followed by comprehensive research and calculations before editing and, finally, production. Both publications are calculated using different labour rates, labour constants and material discount structures. Aimed […]

ABCB’s NCC CPD Courses help design practitioners build knowledge

Jan 14, 2022 Policy & Trends

Four online NCC CPD courses for design practitioners are now available from the Australian Building Codes Board. These courses help design practitioners deepen their understanding of relevant requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC) and how to apply them in their day-to-day work.   Developed in consultation with industry, subject matter experts, and government, NCC CPD courses focus on […]

Inside Bluebeam: What is Bluebeam Revu?

Bluebeam Revu is a best-in-class PDF markup and collaboration software tool developed by Bluebeam in 2002. It is used by architects, engineers, construction workers, specialist contractors and quantity surveyors to gather and assess data and information throughout the lifecycle of a building project. Construction industry workers face a range of challenges as they seek to bring projects to completion. Revu can help overcome any number […]

The 2021 Built Environment Wrap-up & Future Look

Dec 9, 2021 Policy & Trends

In this year’s wrap-up we invited Nic Burt, CEO at Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA), James Cameron, Executive Director at Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) and Sarah Bachmann, CEO at National Precast to reflect on their organisation’s wins, losses and built environment industry insights for the future. What are the key trends in the […]

ACIF’s 2021 November Forecasts

Nov 9, 2021 Policy & Trends

Since 2002, ACIF has provided the industry with a compass to its future, as the ACIF Forecasts details the upcoming demand for work across all sectors, as well as what is happening with construction costs and labour requirements. Led by ACIF’s Construction Forecasting Council (CFC) and produced by one of the industry’s lead Forecasters Kerry […]

Building to the right standard

Oct 12, 2021 Policy & Trends

The National Construction Code (NCC) addresses many aspects of building design, construction and performance that have evolved with time. These include new materials, new methodologies and improvements to fire safety, thermal performance and energy efficiency. What it does not do is contain details of every design and construction requirement for a building, plumbing or drainage […]

New NCC course to help build housing energy efficiency understanding

Design practitioners have choice in which compliance pathway they follow to meet housing energy efficiency requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC). The Australian Building Codes Board’s new NCC continuing professional development (CPD) course on housing energy efficiency will enhance the understanding of those designing and delivering Class 1 residential buildings and some Class 10a […]

DesignBUILD and Total Facilities cancelled – new dates for 2022 announced

Jul 22, 2021 DesignBUILD News

A message to our built environment community With the COVID-19 situation across the nation and Sydney in particular unfolding rapidly and the expansion of the lockdowns directly impacting the built environment sector, forcing site closures, building tenancy challenges and supply chain disruption, we have made the difficult decision to cancel DesignBUILD and Total Facilities (TFX) […]

UK & US Collaborate to improve BIM in the built environment

Jun 25, 2021 Technology

Marking the next step in a two-year collaboration the MoU will see the U.S. National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) work with experts from the UK’s Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) on the development of a national BIM program for the U.S. supporting international alignment on technical standards for the built environment. The US-UK collaboration […]

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