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State of the Australian Construction Market: Part II

In the second of our ‘State of the Market’ series, we sit down with leaders in the Australian building industry to glean their insights on how the market has performed over the past 12 months. For this issue, we chat with National Chair of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB), Adj Prof Paul Heather, AM, FAIB to chat about the evolution of the construction industry.

Breathing new life into old buildings

Dec 8, 2017 Architecture

Industrial building conversion has become increasingly common in residential real estate, but what happens when a heritage building loses its shine and is reinvigorated to generate new business? The results can be magical. We’ve found six Australian offices that have breathed new life into buildings built between the 1880s and 1970s.

Artificial intelligence in the construction sector

When it comes to technological innovations like artificial intelligence, the construction industry has been a bit late to the party. But that’s all changing. Robotics are being introduced to job sites, filling roles similar to factory assembly lines to assist in the construction of buildings.

State of the Australian Construction Market: Part I

In the first of our ‘State of the Market’ series, we sit down with leaders in the Australian building industry to glean their insights on how the market has performed over the past 12 months. Our first interview is with Executive Director, James Cameron from the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), who has focused on three key policy issues.

DesignBUILD welcomes ICCI as new international partner

Nov 28, 2017 DesignBUILD News

Whether it’s in architecture, design or the building and construction industry, Italian products are well-known to offer advanced solutions and innovation and a new partnership between DesignBUILD and The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) promises to bring Italian innovation to the Australian market, at next year’s event.

5 Work Spaces That Look Like Home

Nov 14, 2017 Architecture

Modern manifestations of work, play and home continue to blur the boundaries of conventional office spaces. We’re already experiencing fit outs as luxe as lounge rooms, but what about boardrooms that mirror dining rooms? Or outdoor work areas as cosy as courtyards? Here’s our round up of the newest and most stylish work spaces that’ll have you seeing double. So, while there’s no place like home, your work space isn’t far behind.

Immersive visualization with Form VR

Nov 8, 2017 DesignBUILD News

The recent explosion of interest in virtual reality technology, means that clients can now use new ways to promote and market their high-end products.

The Townhouse – transitioning from the family home

Oct 27, 2017 Architecture

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Australians started to think in earnest about apartment living, following on the heels of Europeans, who had done so for centuries. High-rise apartments are now integral to the urban fabric, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

Belgium – a drawcard for great design

Oct 25, 2017 Architecture

London, Paris and Copenhagen are usually identified as design centres of the world. However, many in the know, single out Belgium as one of the leading design destinations. From the Art Nouveau buildings designed by architect Victor Horta at the turn of the 20th century, to the rise of the ‘Antwerp Six’ fashion designers almost a century later, this relatively under-the-radar country punches ‘well above its weight’ given its population.

Five Fabulous Hotel Designs

Hotels are so hot right now. All over the world, global brands are shifting and merging to provide guests with the most memorable hotel experiences, and capitalise on a growing demographic obsessed with the latest trends. In Australia, the hotel market is growing too; it’s about time. And for the first time in many years, there’s a smorgasbord of new hotel builds offering architects and designers an opportunity to have some fun and frivolity, while delivering some serious luxury and high-tech smarts. Here’s our round up of the latest and greatest.