11-13 May 2021
Darling Harbour, ICC SYDNEY


Education Partner

Non-conforming and non-compliant products are a growing problem for the Australian community; potentially affecting health and safety during construction and for building users in the future. Finding products with evidence of conformity is a continuing challenge for building practitioners.

In response to calls on increased education and awareness around product conformity, DesignBUILD is partnering with NATSPEC to create a new ‘one-stop-shop’, the National Construction Product Register (NCPR) Product Conformity Guide.

The Guide is based on the National Construction Product Register (NCPR), and has been developed by NATSPEC to help product suppliers achieve and demonstrate the Australian design and construction requirements. We are working with NATSPEC to offer DesignBUILD exhibitors education on product conformity requirements including the steps suppliers need to take for products to be assessed to the relevant standards in Australia. Any products with evidence of conformity independently authenticated by NATSPEC can be listed in the National Construction Product Register (NCPR).

Supported by government and the industry, the NCPR is an online searchable database of construction products which assists consumers, designers and contractors with choosing and clarifying a product’s suitability. It is free for users; product suppliers will be charged a cost recovery fee for NATSPEC to authenticate their conformity documents and list products.

The initiative with NATSPEC aims to increase the number of conforming building products in the Australian market and reduce the risks of non-conforming building products and products with fraudulent or inadequate evidence of suitability. Importantly it increases building professionals’ confidence in selecting products that are conformant to industry standards and safe for practitioners and end users.

Visitors to DesignBUILD 2020 will be able to find conforming products as independently authenticated and listed on the NCPR by the NCPR logo displayed alongside the product. Zoe Xu, NCPR Project Leader – NATSPEC, will also be hosting a session on the topic in the free-to-attend Speaker Series.

NATSPEC is a national not-for-profit organisation, owned by Government and industry, whose objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information.




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