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The power of social media for growing your business

Apr 19, 2018 DesignBUILD News

Communications Collective Director Genevieve Brannigan has over 15 years of experience working with leading property, architecture and design brands. Here she shares her insights on making social media work for your business.

Those working in architecture, design, construction and development have excellent opportunities to grow their business through social media. Our agency has worked with many leading brands in these sectors and in this article I will share some key insights – in the order you should consider them – on how you can wield this extremely cost-effective tool to drive growth.

Find your audience

Begin by thinking about where your customers can be reached, and what social media platforms will be most appropriate. No one platform is better than another but different audiences use them differently; it may even be that your customers are segmented across different platforms.

For B2Bs who share company news or speak directly to other businesses in their professional networks, LinkedIn is going to work well. If you generate highly visual content that can generate strong positive sentiment then a platform such as Instagram might be best. Facebook is still the largest platform by user numbers and works extremely well for those looking to leverage interest-led consumer-facing content. Twitter is perfect when you’re looking to use hashtags to reach participants in a many-to-many conversation or to share trending content.

Content is king

The visual nature of working in the built environment can provide a great advantage when it comes to creating content. Even if that’s not the case for you – perhaps you provide a B2B service that doesn’t have a visual aspect – there are still innumerable ways to connect. For example, you could begin by looking at your customers’ pain points. What are they looking for answers to?

Without content, social media is just an empty vessel. Aim to create content that adds value for your network, so it becomes a shareable talking point. Such types of content include, but aren’t limited to, thought leadership, white papers, case studies, videos, images, webinars and infographics. What content does your organisation already create that might be adapted to create value for your potential business partners?

The nine lives of content

Creating good content is an investment in time, often from senior staff or subject experts. It makes sense then to look for ways to adapt it to give it its own life across different social media platforms. Share your white paper on LinkedIn but pull out its high-impact infographic for Facebook. This strategy, supported by the powerful scheduling tools now available, will cut down on time invested and greatly increase return-on-investment.

Advertising to boost ROI

Social media’s wealth of data and insights allows for extremely effective targeted marketing. Costs compare favourably with other advertising media, and applying a budget to boost content allows brands to reach audiences precisely defined by demographics, location, interests or behaviours.

Catch up with Communications Collective at DesignBUILD

For DesignBUILD 2018 I will be presenting a session on ‘Working with the media: communications for the architecture and design industry’, on Wednesday 2 May at 2pm. You can book for the session here. I hope to see you there!

About the Author: Genevieve Brannigan

Genevieve has over 15 years of experience working with leading property, architecture and design brands. She has an unparalleled understanding of the constantly shifting communications and media landscapes. Leading Communications Collective, she drives culturally relevant campaigns that have the power to shape brands, create opinion leaders and positively enhance bottom line.

About Communications Collective

One of Melbourne’s leading PR and communications teams, Communications Collective is an integrated agency that empowers brands to connect, inform, motivate and engage. The CC team is diversely talented, with expertise in the fields of PR, marketing, journalism and event management.

Focused on creating campaigns that cut through and add value, the agency’s work is defined by innovative thinking, extensive networks and a deep understanding of clients and the broader landscapes they operate in.


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