Pro9 insulated building panels

Aug 15, 2017 DesignBUILD News

Pro9’s revolutionary building system is leading the world in modular construction for energy efficient buildings. Pro9’s structural insulated panels are prefabricated for fast and affordable installation across residential, commercial and industrial projects.

The Pro9 thermally insulated panels have high energy-saving thermal properties in addition to reducing acoustic noise, which makes building a Pro9 home the best decision you’ll ever make.

Building with Pro9 will save money both during construction and into the future by lowering heating and cooling costs to reduce ongoing energy bills.

Pro9 Insulated Panels

The Pro9 building system has been engineered for high performance construction in one of the harshest climates in the world – Australia.
Panel Design.

Pro9’s patented structurally insulated panels are stronger and more energy efficient than every other conventional building product on the market.

Pro9 panels are steel reinforced with a sandwiched polyurethane core and magnesium sulphate cement board outer coating.

The panel core is filled with polyurethane under high pressure to create a relatively lightweight, but strong wall panel with high energy-saving thermal properties.

Polyurethane is the same material used in today’s energy star rated fridges and freezers. Pro9 chose polyurethane due to its superior thermal properties as the bar is set higher and higher for energy efficiency and performance.

Installing Pro9 panels is fast and engineered for strength due to Pro9’s unique locking system.

Pro9 Panel Specifications

Pro9 panels can be used in residential, commercial and industrial construction. Pro9 panels are load bearing, which means they can be used for multi-storey builds without additional columns or beams.

Pro9 Global will be exhibiting at DesignBUILD in 2018. To find out more about their products click here.

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