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The advantages of an all-in-one estimating system

Sep 1, 2017 DesignBUILD News

In today’s construction environment competitiveness is key, and to keep your business on top, you need to make sure you have the best tools available. This should include a fully integrated estimating solution, such as CostX®, which supports BIM & 2D takeoff, integrated workbooks and a customisable report writer, among other features. Check out our top four reasons below why you should upgrade now to an all-in-one solution:


The principal advantage of using a full-function estimating system is productivity. With a system like CostX®, you can leverage intuitive technology to reduce human error. Streamline 2D and 3D/BIM takeoff with live-linked quantities, and have multiple users in the same office or different regions working on the same estimate simultaneously. Save time, win more work. Ultimately, speed and productivity will be the differentiating factors for a profitable business.


In the construction industry, productivity alone is meaningless without efficiency. You need to have a system like CostX® which understands the intelligence in 2D drawings. Utilise the freedom of manipulating Excel®-like formulas and functions for precise calculations. Using computer-aided estimates where takeoff data is extracted and linked directly into the estimating process is not only more accurate, but also saves you the time and possible errors that come with having to re-enter information.


Standardise your estimating process by enhancing cohesiveness. Working within the realm of an estimating software such as CostX® administers consistency throughout your business. This promotes a more centralised business model enhancing communication while greatly diminishing disputes amongst colleagues. Apply previous projects or prebuilt models as benchmarks for current bids to reduce overlap and increase consistency. Set the standard on how to win projects across the company.



Most notably, deliver concise presentations. In today’s technology driven environment, companies are leveraging software to deliver a higher level of professionalism. Deploy an all-in-one estimating software like CostX® in your business for crisp graphical reporting which can comprise of subcontractor comparison, model revisioning, and sourcing criteria. Display 3D BIM models integrated with their associated 2D sheets and show alterations in real time. Have confidence at crunch time and execute!


With BIM becoming more and more important in the industry, it is crucial that you ensure your business is future-proofed with BIM-compatible software. With the power of BIM, you can extend your capabilities like never before. Make sure your estimating program is constantly developing their systems to ensure that you’ll always be up to date with the latest industry technology. If you choose a solution that allows you to do BIM & 2D takeoff in the same program, such as CostX®, this will also mean your staff can make the switchover at an optimal pace- able to support BIM models when received, but still able to supplement with 2D drawings where required.


This article has been published in partnership with Exactal. You can find out more about their products at exactal.com

About Exactal:

Exactal are the makers of CostX®, the leading BIM & 2D estimating solution for Australian estimators; with world-leading on-screen 2D and 3D/BIM takeoff, integrated workbooks and customised report writer. Contact Exactal now for your free CostX® demonstration on sales.au@exactal.com or call 1300 006 222

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