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Case Study: Tete a Tete Wine Cabinet & Preservers in Brae Restaurant Accommodation

High-end boutique and luxury accommodation brands are constantly looking to raise the bar when it comes to offerings in a bid to set them apart from the rest and to give guests a truly memorable experience.

Appointing the right Architect and Interior Design firm dedicated to finding unique fixtures and fittings results in form and function working cohesively and guests are treated to an exceptional experience.

This was the case for Brae Restaurant Accommodation designed by Six Degrees Architecture.  Their guest suites have been designed to complement the award-winning Brae Restaurant (currently ranked at an impressive #58 in the world) set amid 30 acres of productive land in South West Victoria.  These suites were created with handcrafted finishes to complement the natural surrounds whilst still providing the comforts and luxury expected by guests of a such a high calibre venue.

The wines served at Brae are sourced from artisan wine-growers with a passion for their craft, deep respect for their land and a thoughtful approach to their processes.  For this reason, white wine kept in a basic small fridge at 40C and red wine left sitting on the bench at 230C was not going to cut it.

The serving temperature of wine plays a significant role in the overall taste and enjoyment of wine. In fact, each varietal has an ideal serving temperature.  For example, Champagnes should be served at 60C, aromatic whites at 80C, Chardonnay at 100C, Pinots at 140C and full-bodied red such as Shiraz at 16-180C.

Based on this, Six Degrees and Brae selected a EuroCave Tete a Tete Wine Cabinet & Preserver in each guest suite to ensure that every wine varietal and style presented at its best.

The Tete a Tete is a petite multiple temperature cabinet that provides a gradation of temperature within the one zone so that all wine varietals are served at perfect drinking temperature.

Its modern design and elegant amber lighting complements the beautiful aesthetics of the guest suites.

So now when guests make the journey to Brae, not only can they enjoy one of the best dining experiences in the country, they can enjoy the perfect glass of wine back in their room.

We love helping venues get the most out of their wine program and this was a winning combination any way you look at it!

About the author: EuroCave

EuroCave has been the world leader in wine storage, service and preservation for 42 years.

We can assist with the technical specifications required to create beautiful, bespoke wine cellars and wine spaces for hospitality, residential and commercial projects.  If your client brief includes a wine space, call us on 1800 733 621.

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