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Sustainable Skylines: The Rise of Timber Skyscrapers

If the idea of being fifty metres high in a building made of timber doesn’t sit too well with you, it may be time to consider a home office. Timber skyscrapers are growing in popularity for a number of reasons including sustainability, cost, earthquake protection and speed of build.

The financial impact of retiring tradies in construction

Australia, among other developed countries, is looking at even higher construction costs in future years as the Baby Boomer generation of skilled tradespeople retire and are not being replaced.

Protecting surfaces and safety on site with Skudo

Any professional working in the construction industry will have experienced some type of incident with a worker or a product that has injured or damaged.

Global Building and Construction Innovation in 2018

Construction innovation has been growing at a very fast pace, and the developments so far this year have already set a higher standard with more opportunities for the building and construction industry.

Key Drivers of Prefab and Smart Modular Building Construction

Modular building construction is one of the trends leading change in the building and construction industry today.

The next wave of Melbourne student accommodation builds

Melbourne is again Australia’s premier destination for overseas students. Recently rated as the 3rd best student city in the world*; Melbourne outranks 9th placed Sydney and 21st placed Brisbane.

The dilemma of ResCode for Architects

Residential development provisions, known as ResCode can set back the greatest idea and make it ‘considerably less’. With these requisite council setbacks for the second level of a home, the formula used by architects to achieve these setbacks, can be awkwardly expressed in the build.

3D Printing Sustainable Construction Materials

There is no doubt that sustainable 3D Printing is changing the game in various industries.

Master Builders Report Optimism Despite Moderating Housing Market

Master Builders Australia latest real time snapshot of business confidence in the building industry reports that although the housing market is moderating that builders remain upbeat.

Stockland sets new standard for sustainable living in Melbourne

Last week, Australia’s largest residential developer, Stockland celebrated the start of construction on the Group’s latest sustainable community. The new development, Waterlea forms part of Stockland’s growing medium density pipeline of more than 3,000 townhomes across the country.

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