Building & Construction

First CLT residential development completed in NSW

The first residential construction made from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) has been completed by Holz DC in NSW.

Innovative ideas for prefab buildings in Australia

Prefabricated building in Australia is an increasingly growing trend. In fact, modular and offsite construction now represents 3% of Australia’s building and construction industry, contributing $150 billion to the economy.

Thinking outside four walls: Australia’s newest top 5 apartment developments

With more buyers shunning the quarter-acre Australian dream for apartment living, the chase is on for developers to cater to a growing market. Add to this a rapidly rising population, and the need to provide better options for housing is ever increasing.

Augmented Reality Building: The Future of the Industry?

Using Augmented Reality in building and construction is one of the top revolutionary innovations across the industry along with prefabricated or modular construction and technological integrations in the supply chain.

Intelligent Prefab using IoT Technology Solutions

Intelligent prefab is on the rise thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technology solutions. IoT increases speed, performance and quality in every facet of the prefabrication supply chain and the construction process as a whole.

699 Bourke Street: Responds to its urban context whilst delivering premium office space

Sustainability and Urban Design meet at 699 Bourke Street where architectural firm, Grimshaw, has managed to create a distinctive commercial opportunity incorporating the original design of the Southern Cross Station.

Futurespace wins Good Design Award for PwC office design

Futurespace’s PwC Sydney Client Collaboration Floors at Tower 1, Barangaroo Sydney, has officially won the 2018 Architectural Design Interior Award.

On the Lookout: Construction Trends in 2018

The trends impacting today’s construction industry were one of the major highlights the recent DesignBUILD 2018 which concluded on May 4 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

How digital transformation is creating paperless building sites

New technology is changing the face of building sites— with every construction employee walking around with a smartphone in their pocket, there’s less paper floating around, more apps being utilised and a commitment to sustainability and collaboration.

Latest industry predictions from ACIF’s May 2018 Forecast

The latest industry forecasts released recently by the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), the peak consultative body for building and construction, anticipate continued growth in the sector attributed to infrastructure and non-residential projects.