Building & Construction

The Ripples of IoT in Construction

IoT in Construction involves the gathering and analysis of data throughout a projects life cycle from planning, designing, financing, and constructing, to operations and maintenance of a building.

Alcor-N Non-Combustible Aluminium Panel

National signage manufacturer and importer, SAS Supplier Group, offers a revolutionary new fire retardant panel, featuring a unique corrugated aluminium core, providing greater strength and durability than its competitors’ products.

Equipotential bonding – do you know the rules?

Are you uncertain about your legislative requirements in relation to equipotential bonding in the ‘Wiring Rules’ in domestic and commercial construction applications?

University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital Renovation

The colourful, attention-grabbing new façade at the University of Florida (UF) Health Shands Children’s Hospital is courtesy of a new painted, architectural mesh introduced by HAVER & BOECKER.

Fusing Design with Technology

The integration of smart home technology is fast becoming the norm for households up and down the country.

How proper planning can stop your project going down the drain

Drains are a vital element of any residential or commercial project. When properly installed, they are effectively out of sight and out of mind, and ensure that important everyday activities including bathing, cooking, and washing can be done safely and efficiently.

The Importance of Building Code Compliance in Australia

The upcoming DesignBUILD provides valuable insight on the importance of building code compliance in Australia. After the fatal Grenfell Tower fire last year, the global construction industry has gone and continues to go great lengths to prevent the usage of non conforming and non compliant building materials and practices.

Aluminium Composite Panel: To Ban or Not to Ban?

The fire performance of aluminium composite panel has become a growing concern for the international building and construction industry.

Regulation: it’s all in the terminology

As with everything in Australia, the issue isn’t Federation, the issue isn’t the role of State and Territories – the issue is language. A land of six sovereign States and two Territories – Australians are a people only separated by a common language.

New era for commercial timber construction

Quicker, more cost-effective and sustainable construction of retail shops, carparks, storage warehouses, laboratories, hospitals, schools and aged care facilities would be enabled under proposed changes contained in the draft 2019 National Construction Code (NCC).