Six fresh and sustainably designed Australian childcare centres

May 10, 2018 Architecture

All people, no matter their age, are influenced by their surroundings, and a space’s design should inform how we use that space. For children, this is especially important as they learn to navigate and be inspired by the world around them. We’ve discovered Australian six childcare centres that incorporate fun, fresh design with sustainability.

‘Ticking the Boxes’ – Town planners and architects working together

Apr 16, 2018 Architecture

Architects and designers regularly complain about town planners, and working through the ever increasing ‘planning maze’. Award-winning architects front up to counters at local councils, only to be told their design doesn’t meet the appropriate town planning regulations.

Having your guests stay over

Apr 6, 2018 Architecture

Tennis courts were popular in the 1980s; so too, were spa baths that almost filled an entire bathroom. As land prices headed north in the noughties, having both these features in a home started to wane.

Effective building design influences employee health

Apr 4, 2018 Architecture

A world-first study by the University of Sydney has introduced the concept of a Positive Built Workplace Environment (PBWE), where positive workplace psychology extends beyond HR functions into building design, interiors and the social environment of a workspace.

Property’s new paradigm

Mar 10, 2018 Architecture

Authentic, values-driven property brand and project stories are paramount to any communications campaign’s success. And a vital part of this story – but one that is too often forgotten – is the very thing that brings life to buildings, and buildings to life: people.

Screening – without creating prisons

Mar 8, 2018 Architecture

As densities in both inner and middle distance suburbs increase, setting up screens or privacy devices rams up a notch or two. Simply using translucent glass across bedroom windows may still allow for natural light, but the effect can be prison-like.

Bold and Brave – Adventurous Architecture

Jan 31, 2018 Architecture

Those contemplating a new home may be inspired by television shows that appear to push architectural boundaries. But when it comes to commissioning a new home, the word ‘caution’ rather than ‘adventurous’ is at the forefront of their minds.

Biophilic design built into new Melbourne Metro stations

Jan 15, 2018 Architecture

Melbourne’s new underground railway stations are set to be the first piece of Australian public infrastructure to include “biophilic design” – a ground-breaking method that takes green architecture far beyond landscaping and solar panels.

Sustainable ‘mini city’ concept in China addresses Guangzhou environmental challenges

Jan 10, 2018 Architecture

Brisbane-based firm Cox Architects has designed a ‘mini city’ in the heart of the Chinese port city of Guangzhou in order to improve facilities without causing a loss of density and incorporating a range of sustainable objectives.

Making Every Centimetre Count

Dec 15, 2017 Architecture

As the price of land heads ‘north’, the size of plots heads ‘south’, with families alongside singles and professional couples competing at auction for inner-city properties. Frontages of five metres become the norm and what was originally a two-bedroom Victorian cottage is transformed to accommodate a family.