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Apr 7, 2020 Technology

This time last month many had never contemplated working from home for long periods of time, now it is our new normal. While collaboration technology is not new for the architecture, building, construction and design industry, it is only now that a third of the population are in lock down, tools such a bluebeam’s Revu are being put to good use.

What is Revu?

A PDF markup and editing software designed specifically for the AEC industry that allows for greater collaboration and efficiency – anytime, anywhere. But it does more than just add red text to a drawing. Studio Projects enables remote file sharing with other people, and Studio Sessions enables remote collaborative design reviews and markups. You can share files, any files, in Studio Projects, like Windows Explorer but in the Cloud.  And Studio Sessions allow up to 500 people to Markup and edit a document at the same time, live. This is where working from home for the AEC Community gets easier.


Studio Projects.

Enables remote file sharing with other people and is FREE for anybody with a Revu license. The storage is also NOT CHARGED, so you can upload entire projects that a team needs to work on from home via Revu. This includes CAD files, Microsoft files, videos, you name it.  Revu can’t open AutoCAD or Navisworks files, but just like Windows Explorer on your C drive, the file extension will initiate the correct software to open.


Studio Sessions.

Allows users with an active Revu licence to upload PDFs; (note that Studio Session is not any file format like Studio Projects). PDFs can then be shared with anybody who has any kind of version of Revu, including a trial download that has expired, so you can upload a project into Studio Sessions and invite the Builder, QS, or Company Management.

Bluebeam has a 30 day free trial for Revu, and while you are in trial mode, all the features work. Bluebeam have also announced that they will offer 90-day access to Revu existing users free of charge.

Find out more about Revu at the Bluebeam website.

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