Saving old wooden windows through sustainable conservation

Retrofits extend the life of existing windows, avoid production of new materials, reduce waste and preserve a home's character. Sealasash is a company on a mission to conserve our built heritage and negate the need to rip out old wooden windows.

Using their window renewal system, Sealasash carry out repairs and upgrades to old wooden windows and doors and have them working better than new and ready to last another couple of hundred years.

Sustainable conservation for better ROI and protecting heritage

Sustainable conservation is at the core of what they do and features across many touch points of their service and the end benefit for the customer.

They reduce waste. Being able to repair and upgrade existing old wooden windows means they don’t need to go to landfill. It’s part of the repair economy that it starting to grow in Australia.

They reduce energy consumption. By draught sealing the windows and replacing glass with energy efficient alternatives customers can expect reduced heating and cooling costs. A significant amount of energy in older homes can be lost through draughts around windows and doors. Studies show that retrofit measures can achieve energy savings close to new, high performance replacement windows when the performance for each upgrade option is taken into account.

They are protecting our built heritage and upgrading old wooden windows at the same time.

Helping fight the war on waste

The Sealasash team work to Burra Charter heritage guideline standards and they use a mix of old carpentry skills that are not common these days. They are trying to change the mindset of people who see the old windows as too hard to deal with and go for the wasteful option of ripping them out and throwing them away.

The Sealasash window renewal system of draught sealing and quality repairs (no builders bog used) allows property owners to re-purpose old building stock while meeting modern comfort and needs. And the old building stock is worth saving. Most old wooden windows in Australia were built from old growth and even rare timbers such as Australian Red Cedar and Huon Pine. These are good quality, slow growth, dense timbers that last and will never be able to be replaced. Whereas new wooden windows are made from farmed fast growth timbers that aren’t to the same quality.

Sealasash teams across the country have worked on thousands of windows over the last few years and not yet encountered one that couldn’t be fixed.

The war on waste is very topical in Australia at the moment, so reducing waste on building sites and in home renovations by keeping and upgrading old windows is just one of the ways to help.

Why rip out and throw away old wooden windows and replace them when there’s no need to?!

Find out more about Sealasash’s work, click here 

Sealasash are exhibiting at DesignBUILD, 2-4 May 2018 on stand A13. If you are interested in placing your products in front of key architects and construction professionals, contact our team today.

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