14-16 May 2019

On the Lookout: Construction Trends in 2018

The trends impacting today's construction industry were one of the major highlights the recent DesignBUILD 2018 which concluded on May 4 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

A key driver of innovation and transformation, as demonstrated at this year’s DesignBUILD, are sustainability and green building. The building and construction sector currently accounts for 18.1% of Australia’s carbon footprint with electricity, water, materials and waste as the biggest contributors. In line with this, more and more stakeholders are preferencing green materials and processes.

DesignBUILD recognises the industry’s role towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Australia. This was tackled during the Speaker Series that featured a 90 minute discussion entitled; Australian ‘Green Buildings’ and the Property Sector’s Alignment to the Paris Decarbonisation Target. As well as sustainability-themed education sessions, the exhibition featured leading environment-friendly products.

Here is an overview of new construction product trends showcased to over 6,000 industry professionals at DesignBUILD 2018:

BioDisc® Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant

From the pioneers of the Rotating Biological Contract SystemTreat, Kingspan showcased the BioDisc® Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant. This tank can pump and separate wastewater for up to 300 population or 1000 population in modular form in the absence of the main wastewater sewer.

Sustainable Concrete Flooring by Green Concrete Products

Concrete is known for its long life cycles, but still needs upkeep every now and then.  Green Concrete Products introduced the Ashford Formula at DesignBuild 2018. The Ashford Formula is water-based, fume and vapour free with zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The Ashford Formula seals and dust-proofs exposed concrete floors, eliminating any concern regarding poor indoor air quality.

LED Electronic Signs from LED Media

LED Advertisements have become the preferred choice for advertisers in public spaces, not only because they’re eye-catching, but also because of the reliability. Traditional billboards use vinyl and fabric, both require additional lighting and both are difficult to install and take down. LED Advertisements provide colourful, dynamic and eye-catching visual advertising. Attract less material waste and more brand exposure with LED Electronic Signs.

These are just some of the product trends featured at this years’ DesignBUILD. If you missed this year’s event, get involved with DesignBUILD 2019 and speak to the team today about how you can showcase your products to over 6,000 architecture and building professionals.

About the Author: Spec-Net

This article was first published by DesignBUILD Media Partner, Spec-Net. The Spec-Net Building Directory commenced in 1994 and since then their news portal has grown to attract over 10 million visitors per annum. Their audience demographics are architects, designers, engineers, contractors, building companies, building manufacturers both commercial and domestic.

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