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Innovative ideas for prefab buildings in Australia

Prefabricated building in Australia is an increasingly growing trend. In fact, modular and offsite construction now represents 3% of Australia’s building and construction industry, contributing $150 billion to the economy.

First-time homeowners can reap the benefits of a prefab home. With the rising cost of onsite construction materials brought on by limited supplies, housing costs are predicted to follow. A shift to modular and prefabricated construction brings a whole new set of trends and efficiencies to the building and home design sector.

Here are a few notable structural, operational and design prefab trends to look forward to:

Faster construction

In 2016, Melbourne welcomed its tallest prefabricated building in record time. The La Trobe Tower rose to 44-storey, 133-metre height in just eight months of night work construction. The building components arrived via truck on-site and craned to place in the late hours to avoid traffic disruption. Constructed by Hickory Group, the project demonstrated that building and construction projects are doable in a speedier, safer and less disruptive means.

Designer Brands

Famous rapper Kanye West recently took to Twitter and announced his latest business venture, Yeezy Homes. Apart from his life as a music artist, his work also extends to fashion and furniture design, famously capitalising on his name and brand. Imagine a prefab home built by not only Kanye West, but other world-renowned names in architecture and design such as Jean Nouvel, Fernando Romero, Daniel and Libeskind among others.

REVOLUTION is an up and coming mover when it comes to the prefab market, but they are already making waves with International Projects around the world. Aiming to ‘democratise high-design and architecture designed spaces’, Revolution supplies transportable, collectible and customisable homes, pavilions, hotels, pop-up retail, co-working spaces and more.

Photo credit: Revolution Precrafted

Built to Sustain

At DesignBUILD 2018, Melbourne based prefab firm PowerHouse Homes were on hand to showcase their innovative approach to the manufacture and construction of prefab homes. Power House’s commitment to producing sustainable and affordable homes in the span of eight weeks (from order completion to turnkey) make them a standout in the prefab market.

Designed by multi-awarded Australian architects, PowerHouse Homes understands the need for prefabrication especially in a time of housing shortage and the demand for affordable, environmentally sustainable homes. PowerHouse Homes offers steel structured housing, built to maximise lifespan and operational efficiency essential to low, medium and high-density usage.

Prefab Materials

Reduce Construction cost by calling in Pro9, experts on modular steel-reinforced structural insulating wall systems, Wall Façade Systems and double glazed windows. Pro9 is an Australian company manufactures low-cost prefabricated building elements in a controlled factory environment.

Pro9 products include Pro9 Walls, Pro9 windows and Pro9 Facades. Pro9 Walls is a multi-story load bearing engineered to withstand the harshest conditions in Australia. It features Acoustic noise reductions, flexible design choices and structural strength. Pro9 were also on-hand at DesignBUILD 2018 showcasing their range of products and services.

Prefabrication at DesignBUILD

Prefab Buildings in Australia are on the rise, and more trends will soon take over the market. If you manufacture materials or systems for use in modular and offsite construction,  contact the team today to discuss opportunities to reach construction professionals with buying power.

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