11-13 Oct 2021
Darling Harbour, ICC SYDNEY


Sync is the technology to manufacture high quality, prefabricated bathrooms offsite on a subassembly line, which are simply installed and connected on arrival to site.

Sync is a unique and innovative technology to manufacture high quality, prefabricated bathrooms offsite on a subassembly line, these are then installed and connected on arrival to a building site.

Geocon is still open for business and keeping people in jobs during these trying times.  With $1 billion worth of construction underway in the ACT and over 2000 people on site, they continue to support the Australian economy at a time when it is needed the most.

Work continues at High Society in Belconnen, with Sync bathroom pods being delivered and installed on-site. As an Australia-made, local manufacturer, Sync is supporting people in employment during the pandemic with social distancing measures in place to allow production to continue.

“Their quality is second to none in the modular space and that’s everything to us” – Damon Smith, General Manager of Construction, GEOCON

“We’ve been doing this now for over 10 years and have built over 20,000 bathrooms, not just designing and constructing the bathrooms but we’re also delivering them, side by side with our partners, like GEOCON and we make sure that it gets done.” – Eddie Pallotta, Operations Director, SYNC

Click to watch the LinkedIn video and see what the SYNC team been busy working on.

Why choose SYNC bathrooms?

Architectural Freedom

From luxury accommodation to hotels, student accommodation and high-spec hospital projects, these bathroom pods Sync seamlessly into any large-scale design and build project.

Higher Quality

Specialised manufacturing results in superior bathrooms that are consistent across the project. Our patented structural design guards against leaks, and all pods are fully tested and signed-off before they leave our factory.

Fast Delivery

Built by builders, for builders, Sync integrates accurately with the construction sequence. Finishing bathrooms to completion off-site whilst on-site construction works progress can cut project programme by up to 30%.

Sustainable and Safe

Sync offers better sustainability characteristics over traditional construction due to reduced material requirements and wastage, reduction in transport energy and increased material recyclability.

Lower Costs

Reducing a dozen trades to just one point of contact with one product, one invoice and one warranty significantly lowers costs associated with labour, material waste and removal, site supervision and defect rectification.

Rationalised Design

Our approach is to offer flexible solutions; clients are able to engage with the design and engineering team to incorporate their own unique requirements or select from preexisting, validated design typologies.

Want to find out more? Visit Sync, and explore more SYNC projects and get in touch with their team.

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