11-13 May 2021
Darling Harbour, ICC SYDNEY

DesignBUILD 2019: A look at the GroundScrew Underpinning from Helical Systems

In addition to an exploration of the evolution of smart cities, the role of designers in building regulatory reform and the rise of luxury in the built environment, DesignBUILD featured numerous innovative products that can be utilized in remedial and new build situations.

One of the more notable ones on display at the event was from Helical Systems, as they showcased their GroundScrew Underpinning.

Cracking in masonry structures can be caused by a number of different things. Various combinations of Helical Systems masonry reinforcement products can provide essential stabilization to these structures. This stabilization is achieved through a handful of products that can be utilized as individual elements or in tandem with one another.

The HeliTie Bar is a reinforcing bar engineered from austenitic 304 or 316 steel. The stainless steel is extruded, giving the bar its unique shape and ensuring a uniform helical design. HeliGrout has been specially formulated to bond equally well to masonry as with the HeliTie, thereby bonding the HeliTie Bar to the substrate. It is easily pumpable over long distances and fills voids when injected. The combined use of HeliTie™Bar and HeliGrout 25 not only provides added tensile strength to the brickwork but can provide reinforcement to a larger area whilst allowing the natural movement of the materials within the structure.

While all of these products have proven to provide the essential stabilization needed in remedial and new build situations, at DesignBUILD 2019, the GroundScrew product was showcased at the Helical booth. This product is a top quality ScrewPile System, individually engineered, customised and manufactured to the specific requirements of a given project. It has been used very successfully in North America and beyond for the past 16 years in all types of substrates and conditions from tundra in Alaska to the swamps in Florida.

The GroundScrew Underpinning has addressed stabilization issues before they ever have a chance to cause problems and has eliminated such problems for good. At the booth, the team discussed a structure that had been plagued by stabilization issues for years and then utilized the GroundScrew Underpinning. Those problems have not reappeared in close to two decades since the work was completed and have shown no signs of coming back.

Designed to withstand any load, the GroundScrew is manufactured in a variety of stem diameters with different sized helices. It is very effective in compression and tension, allowing it to be used for new build applications and also for earth retaining wall stabilization. It can be used to underpin, and if necessary, jack-up structures. An example of what tools are utilized to do so were on display at DesignBUILD.

Well suited for all types of foundations, the GroundScrew is fully engineered and guaranteed. To find out more about the GroundScrew Underpinning from Helical Systems or any of their other products, visit their site.

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