11-13 Oct 2021
Darling Harbour, ICC SYDNEY

2020 Co-locate Exhibitor List

DesignBUILD 2020 is co-locating with Total Facilities, transforming DesignBUILD into the largest industry event for the entire built environment.

Browse below current exhibitors for DesignBUILD, Total Facilities and the Digital Building Zone, which seamlessly joins the two.

Company Stand Number location
2n Telekomunikace L9 DesignBUILD Building Zone
3A Building Materials M36 DesignBUILD
Access Hardware C15 Total Facilities (TFX)
AESC A37 Total Facilities (TFX)
Alliance Metal Solutions Pty Ltd L43 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Allied Pickfords Business Relocations C38 Total Facilities (TFX)
Alumex Group N42 DesignBUILD
Anchor Safe A5 Total Facilities (TFX)
AquaClear C9 Total Facilities (TFX)
ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Australia E2 Total Facilities (TFX)
ATTAR F47 Total Facilities (TFX)
Australian Essential Services Group A19 Total Facilities (TFX)
Australian Essential Services Maintenance (AESM) C48 Total Facilities (TFX)
Australian Security Technology (AST) B7 Total Facilities (TFX)
Bamdura B.V M14 DesignBUILD
Be Best International Trade Company Q1 DesignBUILD
BeCode Pacific D41 Total Facilities (TFX)
Bellevue Architectural P29 DesignBUILD
BIBO Water D37 Total Facilities (TFX)
BidWrite A13 Total Facilities (TFX)
Billi Australia B26 Total Facilities (TFX)
Birrus Matting Systems C37 Total Facilities (TFX)
Bluebeam J18 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Bluesafe Australia K42 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Bluesafe Australia K42 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Blygold Oceania Pty Ltd H29 TFX Digital Building Zone
BrewHub H31 TFX Digital Building Zone
Build Australia J17 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Building Designers Association of Australia L7 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Buildlogic L13 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Camfil Australia B14 Total Facilities (TFX)
Cheer Full Group N30 DesignBUILD
Compass Materials P36 DesignBUILD
Construction Software L17 DesignBUILD Building Zone
CSIRO L29 DesignBUILD Building Zone
CSP Architectural M29 DesignBUILD
Daelibs G14 TFX Digital Building Zone
DAL Brands E8 Total Facilities (TFX)
Dependable Laundry Solutions A21 TFX Digital Building Zone
DMA Supplies – Fire and Safety C31 Total Facilities (TFX)
Dribond Construction Chemicals Q41 DesignBUILD
Ducast Australia M49 DesignBUILD
Dulux Australia A7 Total Facilities (TFX)
ebm-papst A&NZ H25 TFX Digital Building Zone
Ecoglo International A23 Total Facilities (TFX)
EKA CyberLock/EVVA E10 Total Facilities (TFX)
Esafe Services C30 Total Facilities (TFX)
ESP Australia D49 Total Facilities (TFX)
European Oak Flooring N35 DesignBUILD
Facility Management Association of Australia B42 Total Facilities (TFX)
FCF Fire & Electrical E49 Total Facilities (TFX)
Fire Equipment Services A27 Total Facilities (TFX)
FM Clarity H32 TFX Digital Building Zone
FM Media F43 Total Facilities (TFX)
FormBoss A29 Total Facilities (TFX)
FSI Concept Evolution B9 Total Facilities (TFX)
GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) N43 DesignBUILD
GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) E44 Total Facilities (TFX)
Goop Guys M42 DesignBUILD
Goplay Commercial Playgrounds L44 DesignBUILD
Grace A33 Total Facilities (TFX)
Green Furniture Hub E43 Total Facilities (TFX)
GROUNDFLOOR H14 TFX Digital Building Zone
Hard Surface Cleaners A8 Total Facilities (TFX)
HealthSafe F14 TFX Digital Building Zone
Heating Home Improvement Group Q36 DesignBUILD
Helical Systems Australia N22 DesignBUILD
Home & Industrial Soiltest P21 DesignBUILD
Hyne Timber M41 DesignBUILD
Identifibre E47 Total Facilities (TFX)
Interloc Lockers F30 TFX Digital Building Zone
IPC A15 Total Facilities (TFX)
ISCS F13 Total Facilities (TFX)
Jehbco Silicones L35 DesignBUILD Building Zone
Joshua Tiles R2 DesignBUILD
Keyvision G18 TFX Digital Building Zone
Kingspan Environmental P41 DesignBUILD
Klevaklip Systems L41 DesignBUILD Building Zone
KREMA Business Espresso Systems C35 Total Facilities (TFX)
Lavazza Australia OCS T/A The Blue Pod Coffee Co. C7 Total Facilities (TFX)
Living Fire P22 DesignBUILD
LouvreTec M35 DesignBUILD
MadisonAV D8 Total Facilities (TFX)
Magnetite (Australia) B32 Total Facilities (TFX)
Makita (Australia) B1 Total Facilities (TFX)
MatTek A14 Total Facilities (TFX)
McCormack E9 Total Facilities (TFX)
Method Recycling D9 Total Facilities (TFX)
Modwood L36 DesignBUILD
MyCompliance.me A11 Total Facilities (TFX)
National Precast Concrete Association Australia N1 DesignBUILD
Nespresso Professional E22 Total Facilities (TFX)
Nilsen Networks G7 TFX Digital Building Zone
No More Pain Ergonomics E26 Total Facilities (TFX)
Nuflow Technologies D10 Total Facilities (TFX)
PlusSpec 3D 4D 5D Design & Estimating in Sketchup K14 DesignBUILD Building Zone
PM Group M48 DesignBUILD
Promat Australia N48 DesignBUILD
Rapid Test Systems G9 TFX Digital Building Zone
Record Automatic Doors C8 Total Facilities (TFX)
ResVu – Occupant Engagement and FM Software G16 TFX Digital Building Zone
S-5! Metal Roof Innovations N29 DesignBUILD
Scent Australia C49 Total Facilities (TFX)
Securatread Stair Nosing’s P26 DesignBUILD
Sedac Energy Management H22 TFX Digital Building Zone
Sense loT G26 TFX Digital Building Zone
Sequoia WPC Group P8 DesignBUILD
Service Works Global E7 Total Facilities (TFX)
Sharabati Modern Company Q43 DesignBUILD
Shred-X and Med-X F7 Total Facilities (TFX)
Signature Floors D35 Total Facilities (TFX)
simPRO Software H37 TFX Digital Building Zone
Sitecraft D14 Total Facilities (TFX)
Small Business Victoria Jobs, Innovations and Business Engagement L30 DesignBUILD
Smardt Chillers/Danfoss Turbocor F8 TFX Digital Building Zone
Smart Commercial Solar C13 Total Facilities (TFX)
Specialised Lighting Solutions C10 Total Facilities (TFX)
Sprout Coffee E30 Total Facilities (TFX)
Sync Bathroom Pods L48 DesignBUILD
Taubmans C44 Total Facilities (TFX)
TEAM Software H35 TFX Digital Building Zone
Tennant Australia A22 Total Facilities (TFX)
TIS ELECTRICS D48 Total Facilities (TFX)
Topps Australia D43 Total Facilities (TFX)
Traka Assa Abloy E1 Total Facilities (TFX)
Urbanise H13 TFX Digital Building Zone
Vacuum Toilets Australia M30 DesignBUILD
Visitus Reception C42 Total Facilities (TFX)
Visonia N14 DesignBUILD
Watson Commercial C36 Total Facilities (TFX)
Workplace Emergency Management A35 Total Facilities (TFX)
W-win Rubber P14 DesignBUILD
Zip Heaters (Aust) D1 Total Facilities (TFX)

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