DesignBUILD Incubator

DesignBUILD Incubator returns in 2018, offering emerging businesses the opportunity to showcase their new, cutting-edge products and ideas directly to the industry through a dedicated commercial platform.



Do you have an idea or a product that will revolutionise the architecture, building, construction and design industry? Or have you got a product unlike Australia has ever seen before? Perhaps you want to promote it directly to the industry but don’t have the budget?

If you answered yes, then we have the solution for you – DesignBUILD Incubator.

Now in its third year, DesignBUILD Incubator, in partnership with Architectural Review Asia Pacific, brings together new businesses and start-ups to showcase brand new products or fresh ideas to the Australian market. And because we believe in the power of face-to-face, we’re giving you the chance to exhibit for free.

Win free space at DesignBUILD


We’re inviting submissions from companies or individuals who have an innovative concept or product, or a brand new product launching in the Australian market to compete for 1 of 5 FREE DISPLAY SPACES within the DesignBUILD Incubator space in 2018. This offers you the opportunity to present your concept to over 7,000 architects, building contractors and specialists, designers, manufacturers and the media free of charge.

How to enter

To be eligible, you must not have previously exhibited at DesignBUILD and must have an innovative product, sample or new product launching in the market to showcase.


• Concept Name
• Images
• A 200 word description of your product/concept including its benefits to the built environment’s professional community

Submit your application no later than Sunday 18th February 2018.

All entries will be judged by a panel of industry experts by the end of February to select the winning line up. For further information contact the DesignBUILD Team.

  • For your chance to win a free Incubator stand
  • Enter here

In partnership with Architectural Review

DesignBUILD Incubator is teaming up with Architectural Review again to ensure that the winning innovations get the industry recognition they deserve! All five finalists feature in Architectural Review magazine, which has been the independent voice of Australian architecture for over 30 years.



ENESS Lumes by ENESS are a light-emitting wall system that takes light out of the ceiling and transforms it into a surface of colour, light and interactive visuals. LUMES are paving the way in interactive building materials of the future and have the added dimension of affecting mood and emotion, with their latest Hospital project aiming to reduce anxiety for children.


HOME^3 provides the homeless with what they need—a Home of their own and all that that means in our society—safety, security, pride and belonging. Because the HOME^3 can be easily constructed and deconstructed, it can be readily moved to wherever the owner desires. It is envisaged that the basic HOME^3 will cost under $2,000 and that sites for the HOME^3 would be provided by governments to make use of under-utilised land.

Intelli Particle

Intelli Particle showcased a brand new technology, world patented, Australian invention, that uses industrial carbon and graphite particles (exothermic coating) that create heat when provided with a low charge. It can be used in small amounts and utilised within the composition of a variety of construction materials, products, household fixtures, fittings and appliances that require heat, or produce heat.

AuroLED Australia

AuroLED Australia is a LED lighting design company which has developed transparent LED screens, that offer HD resolution on one side and transparency on the other. With up to 90% transparency, the light weight, little maintenance, LED screens are completely customised to create bespoke screens and maximizing building facades.

Flexitec by Plastec

Flexitec by Plastec is the ultimate shock absorber for your drain. PVC plumbing systems are extremely rigid and in poor or unstable soil sites are susceptible to movement often resulting in broken pipe work leading to expensive repair costs. Australia’s ever changing atmospheric conditions, tree planting and even seismic activity are placing our drainage systems under stress. Flexitec's simplicity in look disguises the capabilities of a joint that can both deflect, twist, torque, expand and contract.

UTS's vision for Incubator

2017 Incubator Pavilion had the added dimension of being designed as part the University Technology Sydney’s RAW project. Designed specifically to promote innovation and collaboration, the design for the Incubator began as a 2016/17 Summer Elective for Master of Architecture students which gave them the opportunity to engage in a working Studio environment. Their final design 'FLEX' use digital modelling and fabrication methods to create a structure of 'living hinges'. 2018's pavilion will also be designed as part of the DesignBUILD Raw program - Stay tuned for design updates...

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