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Best Practices for windows by the Australian Building and Construction Commission

Feb 24, 2017

The reformation of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) addresses the growth of the industry as not only one of the most important sectors of the economy, but also a competitive enterprise on the global scale. Business is booming; the Australian Building and Construction Commission aims to lay down regulations to guide this boom towards further economic growth.

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5 top new architect-designed cafes in Melbourne

Feb 22, 2017

In Melbourne, venue owners now recognise the value that a strong architecture and design team can bring to a café and casual dining space. A well-designed hospitality space can ultimately drive traffic – and sales – through the doors, and sustain the buzz for the long term. So, here’s our roundup of the five best leading cafes in Melbourne right now.

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VIDEO: Community Designs Presents Hurlingham Park

Feb 20, 2017

See how Bayside’s sporting pavilions and community facilities are getting a female make-over in this episode of Community Designs.

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ESCEA releases new frameless gas fireplace

Feb 17, 2017

Escea’s latest product release – the DS1400 gas fireplace – takes away all the bits you don’t need for a gas fire that is truly frameless.  New Zealand manufacturer Escea is excited about their new fire, which they describe as “their best yet.” “With no frame, a large glass viewing area and minimal depth, we’ve […]

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MX Drawer System

Feb 16, 2017

Time and space are two of life’s luxuries; now Häfele has two new concepts that let you make the most of both. The MX Drawer System and the Free Flap Fittings are the forward thinking solutions to dark cumbersome cupboard spaces and compact design. The MX Drawer system brings life to you through the smooth, […]

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Passive House – What has got everyone talking about this cutting edge building standard?

Feb 13, 2017

Building standards improve over time with the innovation of new best practices, so it’s no surprise that the Passive House has become so popular.  Simply put, a Passive House is one that utilises sophisticated building design to cut energy usage to a minimum while still maintaining a comfortable environment for its residents.

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Changes in the air

Feb 9, 2017

Changes in architecture generally occur incrementally, with small changes made over decades, rather than from season to season. In the post-war period, large picture windows rather than small multi-paned windows heralded a major change, as did a move to open-plan living. The latter, for example, has dominated housing design since the 1950s to recent times.

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VIDEO: Community Designs Presents Laurimar Town Centre

Jan 24, 2017

Can planners and developers work together? While it can often been a tense relationship, this episode of Community Designs explores the community benefits when developers take a risk and work together with planning officials with dramatic and often undervalued community results. Join our host Kirsty Snowden as she visits the City of Whittlesea ‘s vibrant, […]

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Is your city lovable?

Jan 16, 2017

We’re in the era of big data, with access to data, it seems, about everything that can be tracked and quantified. But as William Bruce Cameron wrote in 1963, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

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Today’s great beach shacks

Jan 12, 2017

Australians have a close relationship with beach houses, something that’s gained momentum since the simple fibro shack started to appear in the 1950s. Since that time, the humble shack has increased in size. And rather than just a few rudimentary spaces ‘stitched’ together with a front verandah, today’s beach houses come with all the ‘bells and whistles’.

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