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Green with envy at the office

Research shows that incorporating nature into workplace design has a significant impact on employees’ happiness, wellbeing and productivity.

Aluminium Composite Panel: To Ban or Not to Ban?

The fire performance of aluminium composite panel has become a growing concern for the international building and construction industry.

Regulation: it’s all in the terminology

As with everything in Australia, the issue isn’t Federation, the issue isn’t the role of State and Territories – the issue is language. A land of six sovereign States and two Territories – Australians are a people only separated by a common language.

Combustible cladding legislation – what does it mean for Victoria?

Mar 13, 2018 Policy & Trends

The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in London has had global ramifications. It is believed the fire was able to spread so quickly, causing 79 deaths, due to the cladding that included the dangerous plastic-filled aluminium panels.

New Part 3 for AS 3850 and national guidance material imminent

Mar 12, 2018 Policy & Trends

Work has commenced on a new Part 3 of AS 3850 Prefabricated Concrete Elements, which will apply to civil construction. This follows the tragic death of a worker several years ago on a civil construction site in Western Australia, and a push by National Precast to extend the Standard’s coverage.

Property’s new paradigm

Mar 10, 2018 Architecture

Authentic, values-driven property brand and project stories are paramount to any communications campaign’s success. And a vital part of this story – but one that is too often forgotten – is the very thing that brings life to buildings, and buildings to life: people.

Safety First: House Building Regulations in Australia

Mar 9, 2018 Policy & Trends

Following the 2014 Lacrosse fire, there has been heightened concern and discipline within the building sector to strictly comply with the relevant house building regulations in Australia.

Screening – without creating prisons

Mar 8, 2018 Architecture

As densities in both inner and middle distance suburbs increase, setting up screens or privacy devices rams up a notch or two. Simply using translucent glass across bedroom windows may still allow for natural light, but the effect can be prison-like.

Four newly designed public beach amenities in Australia

If fugly brick shacks along our iconic beaches ain’t floating your boat, don’t worry, our best designers have got your back. They’ve been busy creating insta-worthy beach amenities to ensure you look and feel just as good whether you’re in or out of the water.

Delivering thought provoking ideas and innovation to Australia’s built environment industry

Mar 2, 2018 DesignBUILD News

DesignBUILD is the construction, design and architecture industry’s premier trade exhibition, but it now also serves as a forum for thinking through the bigger issues affecting the industry.