Aquatic Risk Management – More than just lifesaving

Jul 27, 2016

The need to manage risks in aquatic environments is becoming increasingly demanding for land and facility owners. Local government has some responsibility in ensuring safe aquatic venues particularly where facilities are provided for the purpose of recreation.

Never Leave Safety to Chance

Jul 26, 2016

Now more than ever, safety is fundamental in protecting our building and construction workers. And rightly so, it continues to feature in news headlines around Australia, with the community demanding that safety regulations adequately protect human lives and the environment to minimise fatalities and economic loss.

WorkSafe explains new fall prevention campaign at breakfast

Jul 26, 2016

On Monday August 15, WorkSafe Victoria will detail the architect’s safety in design obligations followed by a very practical explanation of how to meet them from Workplace Access & Safety.

The Future Generation: Deanna Tabacco & Lewis Wilson

Jun 30, 2016

Breaking into the industry can be hard, but every great idea had to start somewhere! This year working with students currently studying Architecture and Design courses, DesignBUILD RAW was launched with RMIT and Deakin University students’ work being displayed on site and even some coming to life.

Best of the Blogs: People Issue

Jun 28, 2016

As we look into emerging talents and those who have made an impact within the industry, we also look at outstanding projects created by some of the industry’s best.

#DBSPOTLIGHT: Megan Johnson, TRY Australia

Jun 28, 2016

DesignBUILD 2016 saw an impressive display from over 120 exhibitors with one standing out not just because they wowed us with their concept but also because they literally had a shipping container onsite that has been converted into a home! This exhibitor was TRY Australia who brought in their affordable, sustainable social housing as part of the social enterprise, TRY Build Project.


Jun 28, 2016

TILT is one of Australia’s leading industrial designers for architects. Their experience with materials, manufacturing can be witnessed in action in landmark projects across Australia, most notably at Sydney’s international award-winning One Central Park, as well as a range of public art, construction and industrial projects.

#DBSpotlight: Peter Baynard-Smith, Engineers Without Borders

Jun 28, 2016

Here at DesignBUILD, we celebrate and praise those within our industry who give back to the community, which is why in 2015 we launched a dedicated area of the Show floor to community based organisations. One of our founding exhibitors in this zone was Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB), a member-based community organisation that creates social value through engineering.

Collaboration; the key to bringing Australia’s building into the 21st century and beyond

May 30, 2016

The thirtieth year of DesignBUILD wrapped earlier this month, bringing together Australia’s largest annual gathering of architects, designers, building specialists, construction experts, manufacturers and suppliers together for the largest show in recent history.

TRY Build Project at DesignBUILD

May 23, 2016

The TRY Build Project is a social enterprise that will build affordable, sustainable social housing while creating training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk young people. In February 2016, the TRY Build Project officially started with 12 trainees accepted into the program. The program provides young unemployed people with hands-on training for a Certificate […]

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