Building & Construction

How graphene could disrupt design and construction

Technology within the materials space is always on the move. Since graphene arrived on the scene, companies have raced to find scalable industry applications for a material with the potential to disrupt the construction industry and how we design our world.

Smart Building Cladding Panels: Breaking the Culture of Non-Compliance

With the fires of recent years, there has been continuously stimulated awareness on the importance of smart building cladding panels among the building and construction sector in Australia.

Saving old wooden windows through sustainable conservation

Retrofits extend the life of existing windows, avoid production of new materials, reduce waste and preserve a home’s character. Sealasash is a company on a mission to conserve our built heritage and negate the need to rip out old wooden windows.

State of the Australian Construction Market: Part II

In the second of our ‘State of the Market’ series, we sit down with leaders in the Australian building industry to glean their insights on how the market has performed over the past 12 months. For this issue, we chat with National Chair of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB), Adj Prof Paul Heather, AM, FAIB to chat about the evolution of the construction industry.

Artificial intelligence in the construction sector

When it comes to technological innovations like artificial intelligence, the construction industry has been a bit late to the party. But that’s all changing. Robotics are being introduced to job sites, filling roles similar to factory assembly lines to assist in the construction of buildings.

State of the Australian Construction Market: Part I

In the first of our ‘State of the Market’ series, we sit down with leaders in the Australian building industry to glean their insights on how the market has performed over the past 12 months. Our first interview is with Executive Director, James Cameron from the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), who has focused on three key policy issues.

Buildsoft’s Cubit – thinking outside the box

For a technology company, productivity and systemisation are integral in servicing Australia’s construction industry. And the ability to physically showcase new products in person offers a unique experience above and beyond creating brand authority solely through digital media.

Are traditional trades set in stone?

Cuts to TAFE over the past five years have left Australia with a nation-wide apprentice shortage that is particularly affecting traditional trades, such as stone masonry. Building Connections’ Adelle King reports.

Case Study: UQ Global Change Institute

When you’re looking to create a building dedicated to affecting global change, it’s what’s on the outside that is almost as important as what is inside. So when the University of Queensland set about transforming their Global Change Institute, market leader EBSA was on hand to provide function facades that also offer a unique design perspective.

Melbourne Developer Profile – Little Projects

With record property prices, Melbourne’s a city on the move. There’s no denying the increases are putting pressure on dreams of home ownership, but there are plenty of opportunities within the residential apartment market – you just need to know what to look for, and have a well-informed approach. Annie Reid chats to Fergus Humphries, General Manager – Sales & Marketing at Little Projects, to find out a little more about the Melbourne market.