Bold and Brave – Adventurous Architecture

Jan 31, 2018 Architecture

Those contemplating a new home may be inspired by television shows that appear to push architectural boundaries. But when it comes to commissioning a new home, the word ‘caution’ rather than ‘adventurous’ is at the forefront of their minds.

Biophilic design built into new Melbourne Metro stations

Jan 15, 2018 Architecture

Melbourne’s new underground railway stations are set to be the first piece of Australian public infrastructure to include “biophilic design” – a ground-breaking method that takes green architecture far beyond landscaping and solar panels.

Sustainable ‘mini city’ concept in China addresses Guangzhou environmental challenges

Jan 10, 2018 Architecture

Brisbane-based firm Cox Architects has designed a ‘mini city’ in the heart of the Chinese port city of Guangzhou in order to improve facilities without causing a loss of density and incorporating a range of sustainable objectives.

Making Every Centimetre Count

Dec 15, 2017 Architecture

As the price of land heads ‘north’, the size of plots heads ‘south’, with families alongside singles and professional couples competing at auction for inner-city properties. Frontages of five metres become the norm and what was originally a two-bedroom Victorian cottage is transformed to accommodate a family.

Breathing new life into old buildings

Dec 8, 2017 Architecture

Industrial building conversion has become increasingly common in residential real estate, but what happens when a heritage building loses its shine and is reinvigorated to generate new business? The results can be magical. We’ve found six Australian offices that have breathed new life into buildings built between the 1880s and 1970s.

5 Work Spaces That Look Like Home

Nov 14, 2017 Architecture

Modern manifestations of work, play and home continue to blur the boundaries of conventional office spaces. We’re already experiencing fit outs as luxe as lounge rooms, but what about boardrooms that mirror dining rooms? Or outdoor work areas as cosy as courtyards? Here’s our round up of the newest and most stylish work spaces that’ll have you seeing double. So, while there’s no place like home, your work space isn’t far behind.

The Townhouse – transitioning from the family home

Oct 27, 2017 Architecture

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Australians started to think in earnest about apartment living, following on the heels of Europeans, who had done so for centuries. High-rise apartments are now integral to the urban fabric, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

Belgium – a drawcard for great design

Oct 25, 2017 Architecture

London, Paris and Copenhagen are usually identified as design centres of the world. However, many in the know, single out Belgium as one of the leading design destinations. From the Art Nouveau buildings designed by architect Victor Horta at the turn of the 20th century, to the rise of the ‘Antwerp Six’ fashion designers almost a century later, this relatively under-the-radar country punches ‘well above its weight’ given its population.

Five hot new future living models

Sep 28, 2017 Architecture

What will the homes of the future look like? We’ve already seen the sharing economy explode in Australia, thanks to GoGet, Airbnb and Open Shed, but given our population is tipped to double in the next 50 years, who’s pushing the boundaries of the way we live tomorrow? Here are five of the best doing it right now:

Single-Fronted Terraces – pushing the envelope

Aug 28, 2017 Architecture

Single-fronted Victorian terraces have strong street appeal. Their wrought iron verandahs and often hawthorn brickwork have instant charm. Many of these homes are found in inner-city areas, such as Albert Park, Melbourne. And as the price of these dwellings head north, architects transfer these abodes into slick contemporary townhouses. Stephen Crafti came across two similar Victorian terraces, both in Albert Park. While the width of the frontages is comparable, the results between the two are quite different.